Relationship Issues: How does baby Impact your Relationship

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Are you Facing Relationship Issues After Baby

“As I am learning to be a good mom, all I can say is there are bound to be husband wife relationship issues after baby” said one of the mother I interviewed a few days back. This answer made me think, really? Has my relationship with my husband changed after the birth of my son?

I could not sleep all night thinking of the same. I could remember, before being parents, I and my husband used to go out for late night parties, enjoy drinks and now literally every minute, our baby is on our mind. We pay so much to the babysitter just to sit on our sofa and watch our baby that we are hardly felt with any money to party.

Post-Baby I did not get proper sleep at night hence was always cranky which was one of the main reason for fights between me and my husband.

Like such, there have been many examples which had impacted our relationship. Do you have more examples or what to say anything on this? Put in your comments and let the world know if you are with me in this or think otherwise.


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