Child Abuse

What is Child Abuse and Where to Report Child Abuse?

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Know all about Child Abuse

I am writing about child abuse because I see it happening all the time around me but rarely I see anyone coming up and talking about it in open. No one has ever done it in the past so today I decided to raise my voice and educate people on this painful topic of Child abuse.

We all see news and child abuse stories are very common despite this not many of us have gathered the courage to come up and do something about it. Child abuse is concealed behind closed doors and is not spoken about until a child dies or a girl is raped.

Child Abuse Effects

Believe me or not, knowingly or unknowingly we all are responsible for this illness in our society. Child abuse is referred to any act of physical, emotional or sexual abuse done to a child that destroys his/her life. Physical abuse includes beating, strangulation and internal injury while emotional abuse is even more dangerous and most of the time unaccounted for.

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When a family puts unreasonable expectations on their children then that is called emotional child abuse. This has a major impact on child’s mind, health and personality development. In some cases, children commit suicide because they cannot handle this undue demands by family.

Sexual abuse is referred to as exploitation of a child for the sexual enjoyment of other children or adults. This type of child abuse destroys the entire life of the abused child. Accordingly, to a recent research done, nearly one in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused for pornographic materials or for sexual pleasures.

There is no doubt that any type of child abuse is dangerous for the society because children that are abused grow to be criminals and drug addicts which then commit crimes like rapes, drug dealing and stealing. This is a vicious circle which must be broken if we want to live in a decent society.

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Where to Report Child Abuse

It is important that you notice early signs of child abuse and once your sure report child abuse without being selfish. Child abuse help lines are established by government but all that will go waste if we do not change ourselves and come forward in eradicating this evil from our society. Once we do this only then can this country, this world will be a safe place to live.

In India, you can report child abuse to National Child welfare helpline 1098 or Save The Child which has centers across the country. This NGO works closely with government and provides counseling to help heal abused children.

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