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Sex and Breastfeeding: What comes First after Baby?


Sex and Breastfeeding after Baby

I know there would be a lot of different views on sex and breastfeeding. Some couples would say ‘No’ to sex after baby while breastfeeding, after all, who would want to see breastmilk spilling all over the body while having sex. However, some couples have completely different view on sex and breastfeeding. They consider it even more romantic and erotic to have sex in breastmilk bath.

I personally think that life changes a lot after you have a baby and having sex is no exclusion. I still remember that night when I and my husband were watching a late-night movie on television while I just finished feeding my 3 months old baby. My husband glanced at me and said, hope I get the next chance at them. We smiled and I said, let me put the baby to bed and started breastfeeding husband. As soon as we got ready to get crazy in bed, I heard loud cries from the other side and our baby woke up. That day I had a feeling that my sex life has finished and the only job that I have to do until I die is breastfeeding. Gradually, I lost all interest in sex and avoid getting close to my husband.

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“It is normal for a woman to feel depressed and lose all interests while they breastfeed. A woman body goes through a lot of changes, physically and mentally when they start breastfeeding thus struggle in sexual interests” says a co-author from

Breastfeeding moms go through a lot of anxieties and have a lot of explanations for not getting intimate in bed but I would advise not to fight over it and discuss views on sex and breastfeeding.

How to Strike Balance Between Sex and Breastfeeding

If in starting you do not like to indulge in sex, do not consider sleeping in different bedrooms. All is not lost and there is still hope left to get back your sex life. Following are some of the surprising tips no one would tell you about striking a balance between your sexual life after baby

  • Since you breastfeed baby all the time, husbands tend to feel that they have not been given enough importance. Make sure you do not make them feel unwanted.
  • Breastfeeding not just causes discomfort but it also drains you mentally, however, it is advised not to be rude to your husband when he approaches to have sex after baby. Offering ‘See but do not touch’ rule could be applied for a couple of months after the baby is born and gradually you can start to get intimate thus getting back the sex life after baby
  • Don’t feel bad about how your body looks. Once you get pregnant, your body starts to get wider but do not let this affect your relationship. Your husband loves you and he will understand the body changes you are going through.
  • If your husband does not like breastmilk bath, you can have sex once you have complete breastfeeding baby. This way your breasts will be lighter with fewer or no breastmilk.
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Most moms don’t want to do sex and breastfeeding together because they fear that doing it may transmit diseases to the baby. However, with a little precaution and using above tips you can create a balance between both these things.

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