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Sex Positions During Pregnancy: Try These Comfortable Sex Positions

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 Try These Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Following are the top 4 sex positions during pregnancy (with pictures) that you can try as one of your favorite positions may no longer be feasible because of your pregnancy.

Sex is considered completely safe when you had a conceived normally hence there are no reasons why you should not indulge in it. Below are the top 4 sex positions that you should try during pregnancy. These sex positions are designed in such a way that they have minimal to no impact on woman’s abdomen.

Top 4 Sex Positions During Pregnancy

  • Missionary Position:

sex positions during pregnancy

In this position, you lie down on the bed and your partner is over you. You need to make sure that your partner rests his weight on his arms and does not put it over your belly. You can put pillows under your back to make sure you are not completely flat on your back while having sex.

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  • On the Top:

sex positions during pregnancy


This is an ideal sex position during pregnancy. You can have sex throughout your pregnancy in this posture. In this sex position, your partner lies on the bed and you straddle from the top. This way there is no weight on your abdomen.





  • Side by Side:

sex positions during pregnancy


In this sex position, both you are your partner lie in such a way that your back is towards your partner. Penetration happens from behind in this sex position. You can keep pillows to comfort your abdomen while having sex in this position.





  • Doggie Style:

sex positions during pregnancy


In this sex position, you need to support yourself on your knees and your partner enters from behind. This is also one of those sex positions that you can try throughout your pregnancy. Simply make sure that the penetration is not very deep when your pregnancy is towards the later stages. Use a pillow to support your abdomen while having sex.

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Now that you know top 4 sex positions during pregnancy what are you waiting for? Go and have fun. Comments your views and let us know which is the best sex positions during pregnancy for you.

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