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Is it Safe to Have Sex while Pregnant?

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Should I Indulge in Sex While Pregnant?

If you are struggling to find the answer to whether to have sex while pregnant, then let me tell you, if you have normal and healthy pregnancy then having sex during pregnancy is completely safe. The only thing to watch out for is to make sure that your partner does not have HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease.

Common Concerns Over Sex While Pregnant

Young couples have a lot of fears and misconceptions that stop them from having sex during pregnancy but let me tell you, put all your fears aside. There is no reason at all why you should not have sex while pregnant.

Some of the common concerns that young couples have on sex during pregnancy are:-

  • “My husband’s penis may hurt the baby” – The baby rests within the strong muscles in the uterus and no matter how long your husband’s penis size is, it will never reach that deeper. So, the baby is completely safe when you have sex during pregnancy.
  • “I may have a miscarriage if I have sex while pregnant” – Some expecting moms think they may have early labor pain or miscarriage if they do sex while pregnant. This is a myth and has no scientific proof. You may notice changes in baby positioning after having sex which is normal and nothing to worry. Apart from that your baby hardly feels any discomfort while you have sex.
  • “My baby is watching” – It is so nice of you to even think of that but it is not possible at all. Your baby cannot actually see what’s going on. On the contrary, your baby would enjoy the gentle rocking while you have sex.
  • “We may pass an infection to the baby” – As soon as you get pregnant, your mucus plug gets closed so there is no chance that your husband’s semen can cause any sort of infection to the baby in the womb. Having said this, make sure your husband does not have any sort of sexually transmittable disease because those can still be passed on to your baby during sexual activity.
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Who Shouldn’t Have Sex During Pregnancy

It is advised not to have sex during pregnancy if you have bleeding or spotting in your first trimester. Your gynecologist will surely ask you to avoid sex until you complete your first trimester in such a situation. Some of the other circumstances where it is advised to avoid sex during pregnancy are:-

  • Any  history of cervical weakness
  • Women with heavy bleeding during pregnancy
  • Having a vaginal infection
  • Experiencing abdomen pain

Sex brings in so much good to the body and mind and if you have had a healthy pregnancy then there is certainly no reason why you should not indulge in sex. Go enjoy your time until the water bag breaks. To find out the best positions to have sex during pregnant, read out this article Comfortable positions to have sex during pregnancy.


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