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If You Have School Going Kids Then You Should Know These Things: Sex Abuses With School Children

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Sex Abuses With School Going Children At All Time High

The recent incident where in a school bus driver was arrested on charges of sexual abuse, has raised many eyebrows. This has put question on safety of thousands of school going children. Is there anything that we can do to prevent such incidents and encourage child safety in school? Well yes, to some extent. This article aims at providing tips on child safety and things you should make sure as parents to avoid child sex abuses.

Let’s first understand what happened on that unfortunate day with the boy in school.

As per police department, the school bus driver tried to sexually abuse a boy in toilet and stabbed him to death when he did not succeed. The day of Sept 9 was a normal day for Dan (name changed) when his father left him to school and drove for work. Little did the father knew that he was seeing his son alive for the last time. Minutes after the father drove, he got a call from school authorities telling him to rush to the city hospital. On enquiry, he was told that his son was found lying on toilet floor, bleeding heavily so they have hurried him to the hospital. The 5 years old boy- Dan was declared brought death to the hospital.

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What are the takeaways from this incident? Minutes after the incident, there was a child safety and awareness conference held wherein the officer emphasized the importance of believing in your kids. I attend that meeting and here are some things discussed in there. He further added that such incidents of sexual abuse could be prevented if we educate our children on difference between a good touch and a bad touch.

Sexual Abuse: What is the Difference Between a Good Touch and a Bad Touch

Child Safety and welfare officer explained and said kids are innocent and they seldom do not realize when a good touch progresses into a bad touch hence it is important for parents to monitor their kid’s activities to sense any sexual abuse.

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What are the Tips That Parent’s can Keep in Mind for Child Safety

  • Always monitor what your child does outside the house
  • Keep a watch on his/her internet usage to prevent internet bullying
  • Be careful of adults that are over involved in your kids
  • Talk and explain your kids about difference in good touch and bad touch
  • Visit your kid’s school regularly and meet school authorities to check on your kid’s behavior
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What are the Caution Signs that you Should Look for?

Sex offenders usually starts with acceptable touch and once the kid is comfortable, they go to the next level and start touching with bad intension. There is no foolproof way that can tell you that your child is sexual abused or not but following are some warning signs that you can look for

  • Behavioral changes in kid
  • Sudden outburst of anger towards an adult
  • Resistance to go to an adult like an uncle, or a neighbor
  • Makes excuses going to go to school on a particular day of the week – aim is to skip a particular class like gym or music held that day
  • Unwilling to ride the school bus

Sex Abuses with school children have gone on an all-time high and its equal responsibility of school authorities and parents to make sure your kid remains safe in school and outside.

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