Shocked Mom-to-be Reveals What She Saw in Her First Ultrasound

Shocked Mom-to-be Reveals What She Saw in Her First Ultrasound


This is simply unbelievable. An astonished mom reveals her true story involving her daughter. She claims her miracle baby was able to beat all odds to survive because of an angel guarding her which revealed in her first Ultrasound scan.

Preeti Singh from Chandigarh was rushed to the City Hospital in an emergency as she was 2 weeks overdue. While operating, baby’s heartbeat started to drop rapidly and doctors feared of losing the baby.

“I was taken to Operation Theater to be operated on. I was in intense pain and noticed panic in OT. A nurse there pointed out at the heart machine. I could see my unborn baby’s heartbeat dipping in it” said Preeti, who had previously suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage. However, I was confident that the baby will pull through as there was an angelic figure similar in face structure as her dead mom in her first Ultrasound.

Preeti’s mom, Jasjeet died at the age of 59 after fighting a long battle with breast cancer but family claimed they still feel her presence around and ever since Preeti first spotted a face similar to her mom in ultrasound of her unborn baby, she started to believe more in it.

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Shocked Mom-to-be Reveals What She Saw in Her First Ultrasound
“Before going for my first Ultrasound, I was talking to my mom’s picture telling her how happy I would have been if she could have accompanied her along. I never got a chance to tell her that I was pregnant” said Preeti.

Both Preeti and her 2 months’ daughter, Saas, are now healthy and lead a happy life.

This real life story is a proof that we may not be able to see our loved ones around us after their death but they are there guarding us.

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