Signs For Kids With Learning Disabilities

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Signs For Kids With Learning Disabilities

It is not at all difficult to correct kids with learning disabilities if this problem is detected at an early stage hence all parents should read this article to understand signs of learning problems in kids.

Kids with learning disabilities are common and the good news is that there are a lot of schools for kids with learning disabilities. Researchers believe that detecting learning problems in children is easy and cure at early stages so here are few early signs for kids with learning disabilities.

Early Signs for Kids With Learning Disabilities: Detecting Learning Problems in Toddlers

Following is the guide to help detect early learning problems in toddlers:

  • Toddler has problem in uttering words
  • He/she takes longer to develop speaking skills
  • Kid has problem with pronunciation and difficulty in choosing the words to speak
  • The toddler has difficulty in understanding colors, shapes, alphabets etc.
  • Kid has difficulty in following instructions and directions
  • Underdeveloped Motor skills
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Does your Child have Math Learning Disability?

For school graders one of the subjects is math and many children have math learning disability. They could be fine in Language subjects like English, Spanish or French but when it comes to Math subject, such children have a lot of difficulties.

What are the early signs of math learning disability, let’s find it out here.

  • Child has noticeable problem in understanding digits
  • Kid is not able to read proper time from clock
  • He/She is slow in remembering facts like difference between addition, subtraction, multiplication etc
  • He/She mixes up tables (numerical sequences) and gets confused with the arithmetic symbols


Kids With Learning Disabilities Summary

With parental involvement and professional advice, kids with learning disabilities can be corrected to lead a happy life. The only thing to note here is that child suffering from learning problems especially the school goers should not feel humiliated else it becomes very difficult to console them.

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