Am I Mom A or Mom B? Simple Questions that Help You Find


Good Mom Vs Bad Mom – Know which Type of Mom Are You

Are you Mom A or Mom B? How to find out? What’s the difference between Mom A & Mom B? Read on.

Mom A: “You should not do that”

Mom B: ” Why not? What makes you think that I shouldn’t”

Mom A: “Because it is not a typical thing to do for a mom”

What is that thing which is not a typical for a mom to do? It could be anything – bearing a tattoo, going to the gym, conscious about looks, caring about how you dress up and so on. Although there is nothing wrong in being normal or Typical mom like Mom A, but why change yourself after you become a mom?

There is a common perception in our society that once a mom, women should forget about herself and just focus on breastfeeding and pumping, mothering and nurturing kids. How many moms out here agree to this.. Comment below.

Do you think Mom A is right in being a typical Mom or Mom B is a Mom Good because she is just being herself?

If you ask me I would say, this depends on person to person. Some may say Mom A is a Good Mom because she forgets about herself and focuses only on parenting kids while some may say a Mom B is a Good Mom as she is being herself. She knows qualities she possesses and can use them to connect with kids and nurture them in a positive manner.

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What are your thoughts on it. Are you Mom A or Mom B? Do comment below as there are hundreds of moms out here that would love to read your thoughts on it.

 Who is a Good Mom and Is Mom B a Mom Good?

Good Mom is the one that does not compare herself with other moms. She knows she is unique and does not wish to be someone else. She knows her strength and would never feel short than any mom in the world. Mom B likes to do what she loves while making sure her actions do not impact her parenting. She is confident of her creativity and unique strength as a parent thus being a Good Mom.

Mom Good or Mom Bad – Ask These Questions to Yourself and Find out about Positive Parenting

Still confused and can’t figure out if your Mom Good or Mom Bad. Ask yourself the following questions and their answers will reveal what kind of mom you truly are – Mom Good or Mom Bad.

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  • What do you Look for in your Kids?

Mom Bad will always feel their kids misbehave, their kids are not polite to others and dirty house and on and on while a Good Mom will always look for positives in their kids. When asked about children, she will instantly speak about how well they play, sing, dance and so on.

  • What are your memories with your kids?

When asked about memories with kids while they grow up, a Good Mom will always talk about hugs and kisses she got from her kids. She will never think negative things while a Bad Mom will always recollect an incident where her kids messed up things at home.

  • What kind of a person are you?

Were you like this before you became a mom? Did you change yourself and became a different person after becoming a mom? If yes, then don’t be. It’s okay for a mom to get a tattoo or go to the gym, look after her diet. What characteristics you hold as a person are more important than anything else because these are the qualities you will cultivate in your kids. You could be artistic, flamboyant, brave, adventurous etc. everything is just fine. Just look for ways to connect with your kids naturally through your qualities and you would be a Good Mom. This is the key to positive parenting.

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Be what you are and that is all that matters in positive parenting. Your inner strengths and qualities will make you a Good Mom because they come naturally to you.

What type of mom are you? Were you able to find out? Good or Bad? If you find this article helpful, then Hit the Like button or Share it with your Friends & Family to spread the word. If you plan to boost your child’s immunity, then I would recommend you to read my product review on ‘Powervita vs Horlicks’. I tried both the products and have come up with this honest review. Click here to read – Patanjali Power Vita Product Review


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