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How to Stop Breastfeeding Quickly: Few Home Remedies

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Home Remedies to Stop Breastfeeding Quickly

There are various articles available online on when and how to stop breastfeeding quickly, home remedies to stop breastfeeding because no matter how important breast milk is for a baby, it is equally important that efforts should be put to make sure baby stops breastfeeding at the right age.

Why Stop Breastfeeding Toddler

Parents should make sure that they stop breastfeeding once the baby reaches 2 years of age. Now you may ask why to stop breastfeeding toddler? The reason for it is, once the baby is 1 year or more, breast milk is not sufficient to provide all the nutrition needed for the body growth. Baby should be exposed to external foods to get enough nutrition to fulfill the body needs.

Babies get all the nourishment from the mother’s milk when they are less than a year old but as they grow it is not sufficient to meet the body needs hence to stop breastfeeding a toddler is a phase of life. With the below home remedies, your toddler would gradually stop breastfeeding habit.

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Try These Home Remedies to Stop Breastfeeding Quickly

There are numerous reasons behind you thinking to stop breastfeeding baby but before you do so, make sure your baby ready for it. Do not just stop breastfeeding toddler suddenly. Gradually reduce breastfeeding sessions and one day you would find that your baby does not need breast milk at all.

Following are some of the home remedies to stop breastfeeding quickly:

  •           Start to include semi-solid food in your baby diet chart– Once your baby starts to eat home cooked food, then he would not be asking for regular breastfeeding sessions and gradually will stop breastfeeding. You may still have to breastfeed the baby, but gradually once your baby develops regular eating habits, it will also not be required.
  •           Give Nipples a rest – Lie on your back at night while sleeping so that there is no external pressure on nipples. This will help in reducing the milk production in the body and help your toddler stop breastfeeding.
  •           Avoid Sex – Sex would stimulate milk production in the body which you do not want hence avoid having sex for a while.
  •           Avoid Sleeping with Baby – When you want to stop baby breastfeeding, it is advised that you do not sleep cuddled with him/her. If you continue to sleep with the baby then unconsciously your baby will start to search for your nipple for breastfeeding.  You can instead sleep on a different bed just next to your baby and keep an eye.
  •           Cabbage to Stop Breastfeeding – Sounds funny! yaa..I know, but this is one of the ancient and useful methods to help stop breastfeeding quickly. All you need to do is place cabbage leaves on your breast and wear your bra. Cabbage leaves will suck all breast milk and when your milk supply goes down then your baby will automatically look for alternatives.
  •           Wear the Right Bra – When you plan to stop breastfeeding fast then this is an important tip. You should opt for a bra that is not too tight or too loose. There are specialized nursing bras available in the market, use one of those as per your size.


There is no doubt that breast milk is one of the best sources of nutrition for the baby and is also a wonderful way to develop mother-child bonding but once your baby reaches an age of 1, it is important that you stop breastfeeding so that he/she is introduced to external food.

Breastfeeding a newborn can be tricky especially for new moms. If you are a new mom then I would recommend you go through my article on ‘How to Breastfeed a Newborn‘. If you find it interesting, do share it with friends and family or leave a comment down below.

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