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How to Stop Cyber Bullying? Know Everything About Bullying


What is Bully or Cyber Bullying?

Cyber Bullying is referred to as an unwanted aggressive behavior shown by children against other children over the internet. Bullying can happen anywhere, school or college and includes intentionally scaring others, physically or verbally or threatening others over the internet. With the outburst of the internet, cyber bullying is one of the most dangerous forms of bullying.

A lot of children undergo one or the other kind of bullying hence it is important for us as parents, to know about anti bullying and ways to prevent children from being bullied either at school or in college.

Bullying is wrong and it takes a toll on the self-esteem of the kid being bullied. A bullied child is always puzzled with questions like, why is it happening to me, will it every stop, what is wrong with me, I feel so unwanted and so on. Hence it is important for parents to constantly talk to children to make sure they feel comfortable telling them if they are facing anything like that in school or online.

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Things to Consider to Stop Bully or Cyber Bullying

Parents can do a lot more than just talking to their children about anti bullying. Other things which can help prevent bullying are:-

  • Educate your kids about bullying well before they join the school. Make sure they understand what it is and how to get over it. Also, make sure your child feels comfortable to talk about it to you.
  • Keep a check on your child’s behavior. Any sudden changes can be a sign that they are being bullied in school or online (cyber bullying). Drop in grades, loss of appetite, feeling sick and depressed or irritated can be some signs to look for.
  • Make sure your children understand that kids who bully also need help. They are sick and being a victim of bullying is not their fault.
  • You can let your children know that bullying is bad and unacceptable so they never get involved in it.
  • Share educational and motivational stories with your kids so that they want to grow up as good humans.
  • Make sure your kid understands that he/she is not alone and you are always there for them.
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Things to Teach to Stop Bullying

Following are some of the things that you should educate your kids about so that bullying can be put to stop:

  • Maintain distance from kids that are involved in bullying.
  • Teach your kid how to say ‘No’ to bullying in a calm but firm tone.
  • Help them find out whom they should be friends with.
  • Always remain in groups so that a bully cannot gather courage of bullying them.
  • Cyber bullying can be dealt with by making sure your profile is kept private and accept friends request only from trusted sources.

If you educate your kids about above-mentioned things, then together we all can put a stop to cyber bullying. There are a lot of myths about bullying, what to know more about them. Read my article on, Busting Myths About Bullying.

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