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Top 4 Exercises To Help Baby Get Stronger

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Exercises To Help Baby Get Stronger

Never assume that since your baby spends most of the time lying on the bed means there is very little that you can do to help baby get stronger. Follow these top 4 exercises that will surely improve on building a stronger muscle for your baby :-

  • Tummy Time – In the initial stages, your baby spends most of the time lying on the bed on his back, so you can turn him over and put him on his stomach. This will help your baby build stronger neck and shoulders as he or she will try to get up. Just do this for 3 to 5 minutes initially and keep on increasing the time every month. You can try to talk to your baby, make funny faces while your baby is lying on the bed so that he tries to look around.
  • Sit Ups – Putting your baby in the sitting position also helps in strengthen up the back muscles and arms. Once you place your baby in sitting position, he or she would automatically try to align the head with the body which will ultimately help him develop shoulder and arm muscles.
  • Bicycle – While your baby is lying on the bed on the back, hold both the legs and start rotating it like you paddle bicycle. Go on doing this 3 to 5 time then take break and do it again. While you do it, you can sing a song or make funny faces to keep your baby entertained.
  • Weight Lifting – Picking up small objects surely improve grasping power and hand eye coordination with babies. Once your baby is 3 to 4 months old, get ‘The Little Baby Gym’ from one of the reputed sellers. Seeing objects of different shapes and sizes and weight will help develop muscles in arms & hands and also encourages grasping power. You may demonstrate how it should be done initially to your kid and I am sure he would pick it up fast.

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