benefits of breastfeeding

What are the Benefits of Breastfeeding?


Known Benefits of Breastfeeding

Almost every mother know benefits of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is not just good for babies but it has a positive effect on mothers also. Even then why do women not breastfeed their babies after few days of the baby birth? Modern women tend to stop breastfeeding babies for the following reasons: –

  • Readily availability of artificial milk or lactogen
  • Women feel shy breastfeeding in public
  • Most of the women think it is unfashionable or primitive to breastfeed
  • Working moms do not have time to breastfeed
  • Lack of knowledge on advantages or benefits of breastfeeding
  • Working women are more concerned about their body stats and believe breastfeeding can lead to breast disfigurement


Benefits of Breastfeeding

Mothers milk is considered as the best food for babies as it not just provides required nutrients but also builds immunity of the body to fight infection and viruses. Mother’s milk is a complete balanced diet for every baby until the age of 6 months. Breast milk is required for the overall growth and builds required body fats which form the basis of the growth.

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Nature provides breast milk in abundance to every mother, so make use of it. Do not discourage use of breast milk. Hope this article helps you explain benefits of breastfeeding and why it should not be avoided.

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