Working Moms Guide: Things to Consider If You Plan to Join Office After Delivery


Planning to Join Office After Delivery? What Should Working Moms Do

Planning to join office after delivery, well it is the hardest decision to make for a new mom. If you have made up your mind to join office then below is the working mom’s guide that will help you break your pattern and help you plan your return to work better.


Working Moms Guide: Quick Tips

The phase of moving back to work from 6 months long maternity leaves require a lot of planning. Make sure you plan everything in advance as you plan to join office.

  • Emotional Stress: The sudden thought of leaving the baby home and going to work will bring in a lot of stress. This is going to be the biggest change for both you and your infant hence cope up with this emotional stress for initial few days.
  • Keep Your Boss Informed: It is important to keep your boss informed about your joining plans. This way your boss will be able to place you in the project as soon as you join.
  • Put in Extra Efforts: You will be required to put in some extra efforts in the starting. Don’t hesitate to learn and work, this is a phase and will pass once you build momentum.
  • Arrange for a Help: When you are away from home, you need someone to take care of your baby. Even if you have a family member at home to look for your baby, still it is important to hire a house help.
  • Work Flexibility: Ask your boss for possible options of working from home or flexibility in office timings.
  • Co-Workers: As soon as you think you want to join back, make sure to get in touch with your co-workers and get an insight of the current work assignments. This will give you an edge when you join the office first day after your maternity leaves.
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