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Is your Kid Smartphone Addicted? Find Out Here

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Signs to Know Your Kid is Smartphone Addicted

We all would admit that smartphones are addictive. They are a perfect time killer, you stay connected to the whole world no matter where you are. They are a good company and fun to be with too. I am sure you could spend a complete day with a smartphone without even getting up the bed. When adults are so fascinated with such a gadget, think about their impact on kids. For kids getting smartphone addicted is dangerous.


How to Know if Your Kid is Smartphone Addicted

Occasional use of a smartphone for kids is okay but what are the danger signs that you should look for in your kid? Following are the signs that show your kid is smartphone addict

  • Kid becomes moody and anxious when deprived phone
  • Wakes up late because he/she sleeps late in night to use smartphone
  • Becomes rebellious when forbidden to use smartphone
  • Losses interest in physical games
  • Frequently checks the phone for text and calls
  • Takes phone along with in washroom and while bathing
  • Spends money purchasing apps, wallpapers, ringtones etc over the internet
  • Prefers to take calls even when talking to family members or over dinner table
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If you checked yes to most of the above signs, then your kid is smartphone addicted. Now the next step is to work on it.

How to Remove Smartphone Addiction in Kids

As parents, you must be really worried to find out that your kid is a smartphone addict. Being smartphone addict does not make your kid unbalanced or abnormal. With the fast pace lifestyle, kids are bound to be addicted to such gadgets. Here are few tips that you can use to remove smartphone addiction in kids

  • Before you talk to your kid about using smartphone less, you as parents you also set examples and limit the use of your smartphone
  • Restrict the use of internet at home
  • Talk to them about their day in school
  • Set timing for use of the phone (Example, off limit use of smartphone over dinner table, in school etc)
  • Motivate them to play outside
  • Make them understand the importance of making friends and talking to them in real rather than over the internet
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Smartphones have touched our lives like no one else has. We find it hard to stay away from this amazing gadget. Using the smartphone and being connected to the world isn’t an issue unless you know make your kids learn to use it within limits.

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